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Marketing My Brand Podcast with Jenny Collinson

In the Marketing My Brand Podcast, I help entrepreneurs who are looking to style and market their brands with confidence. I'll share step by step instructions to get you through the tricky bits of putting together your business, and also help you prepare mentally, which can sometimes be the largest hurdle. I'll cover topics such as how to attract your ideal clients, create winning marketing materials and websites, and make your brand irresistible to your potential and current customers.

Jan 21, 2018

You are setting up your own brand. You know you want to model your business on other businesses who are having success, but you need to also find a way to set yourself apart from any competition. 

In this podcast, I'll cover-- 

  • A exercise to help you find your "content tilt" 
  • What one woman did to became a YouTube millionaire  
  • Differentiating your product via visual cues 
  • Designing your brand so that every piece of it looks like it belongs in the same magazine

​Once you have found that one thing that makes you unique, you will have pushed past the first barrier of getting started, and paved the way toward building a unique and memorable business.  

Resources mentioned: 

Download the "What Makes My Brand Unique" PDF Worksheet